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Samdo Environment is an environmental technology specialized company to look for the ways in poor agro-livestock environmental fields, find items in the field, and to pursue field customized technology by using plasma for applying to the field.

As rapidly increase of social and financial damage due to stench and yearly AI outbreak, the importance of stable’s environment management is increasing in the Korean livestock industry field. To solve this problem, we went to the livestock industry fields and have endured serious smell and poor environment for 3 years. Finally, we developed a technology to solve this problem after passing through many frustrations. The key point of technology is a plasma generator for agro-livestock and stable customized odor removing and sterilization equipment has been developed based on the plasma generator. This technology has been obtained a patent, its design has been registered, and it has been obtained NET. Now our company starts a new journey to livestock fields. .

In the future, we will do our best to provide eco-friendly technology combining optimum effectiveness and payment by accumulating advanced environmental technology based on the field experiences and considering customers’ needs and field conditions.

Thank you.

CEO Jeong Unam

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